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Yoga at Home

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the WPM approach different?

Whole Person Method is designed to incorporate your previous trainings/techniques and provides an upgraded platform to apply them. Instead of following a set order of operations for say a given technique, you are following the healing/balancing needs of each individual where you are using from one to all of the tools in your toolbox in a way that works for both you and your patient/client in a balanced manner.


2. Why should I take this program?

Have you ever considered the idea that work doesn't have to feel like work?

I invite you to think about what it would be like to work with your patients/clients everyday and feel like everyday is fun! Could you imagine waking up at the beginning of each day like a child does, thinking... "YES!! Another day!"

If so, it is likely the time to bring WPM into your world.

3. What if I don't have the time?

If you feel you don't have the time, than this program is meant for you more than anyone. This program is designed to save you time, your clients/patients time and your energy.

The gift of this program is saving time and energy - saving you the time and energy it would take to figure it out on your own.

4. How much time do I have to complete the course?

Once you have purchased a course or module you will have unrestricted access to it. The great part about the online programming is that you can complete it on you own schedule at your own pace.

5. Is this really for me

This professional program is built for those that have no idea what this is or beginners in their career to those looking to up their game and even connect with their patients/clients on a deeper level.

6. How will this change my practice for the better?

WPM gives the gift of shifting your practice in a profound way.

* Physical, mental and emotional energy demand is greatly reduced. 

* You save time

* Your patients save time

* "Work" becomes more enjoyable

7. How will this enhance my patient's/client's therapeutic experience?

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