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About The Founder

Hi! My name is Meagan Roback and I am the founder of Whole Person Method (WPM). I’m also a mother of 3 beautiful children, a small business owner, and a trained and practicing Registered Massage Therapist based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

In my early years of practicing, I noticed that there was quite a significant gap between professional practitioners and holistic healthcare. After entering the world of natural healthcare, studying to become a Registered Massage Therapist and venturing on my own personal journey, I was inspired to develop the Whole Person Method in an aim to bridge this gap and share an effective therapeutic approach with a diverse range of practitioners and avid natural health enthusiasts. 

A brief story moment now...


*As a side note before I share my stories, please keep in mind I did my due diligence when selecting a massage therapy program to put my time and energy into - I chose one that had one of the highest standards in the world at the time (granted things may have changed since then). My goal was if I was going for it, especially since it was my second round of post-secondary study, I thought it was best to just go with a program that provided me with as many tools as possible. My intention was to make an impact, and the more tools I had to work with provided more options for those I was blessed to serve.

Story #1:

I remember when I was in the midst of my massage therapy program when I started to wonder how all the systems and parts work together as opposed to individually (as that was how we were learning them, one by one). The very next day I asked my instructor when we would look at how everything functions together and to my surprise they said "uh, we don't do that". So I thought to myself "huh... that doesn't seem right, how shall I go about learning this?"

Story #2:

Nearing the end of my program, our neurology instructor asked us if we knew what specialization we were going to pursue in our careers as practitioners. They went through the class one by one asking us to divulge our direction of choice, and after listening to a number of very specific ideas like sports therapy, pre/postnatal, craniosacral (CST), relaxation, neuromuscular therapy (NMT), deep tissue, etc. it was my turn. I felt like I was on a spotlight of course, and I said without missing a beat... "well, everything". At that very moment I knew I was stepping out of the box of what was expected.

Story #3:

When I was in the early days of my professional career as a practitioner, I was not only learning how to navigate my practice but I was also exploring a variety of manual therapies for my own health journey. I clearly recall experiencing A LOT of discomfort during the manual treatments I was receiving - well, lets just call it like it was, PAIN! I knew most if not all of the practitioners I saw had the best of intentions, but there was something missing. This got me to think and feel for everyone on my treatment table and what they were experiencing in their search for help. Every treatment I experienced hurt and most of the time it was so intense I wanted to jump off the treatment table (I'm not kidding). This happened with almost every practitioner I saw, and I tried quite a few. Although 95% it hurt, I knew I needed help and I desperately wanted off the pain killer medications - especially considering I noticed my dosage continued to rise over time and become more frequent in use, so I continued with the manual treatments as it felt like it was something I needed to do. I took every experience and learned from it. It eventually got to the point where I made a clear decision that there was another way, a way that was just right for me and I was going to find it. Little did I know I would eventually create Whole Person Method it and then share it with the world.


My hope is to encourage a variety of practitioners to discover what it means to take a well rounded and holistic approach in their everyday practice and to see and feel the joy in ongoing personal and professional growth and development.

All course levels are taught by me and more information can be found on my Courses page. 


Whole Person Method’s Mission

Part of my mission with Whole Person Method is to inspire and empower others, opening the eyes of practitioners to the possibilities that exist and in turn, giving their clients/patients hope.


At the end of the day, we want to help you help your clients and patients to come out of their session with you better than they were coming in, regardless of how large or small this improvement may feel and/or appear. 

This approach to care is a platform designed to apply your already well-developed (and even new) techniques in a manner that makes them more effective. It is built on intention setting and truly seeing the ‘whole person’ that you are given the opportunity to work with. 

First, by creating an environment focused on specific intentions, you will help your client/patient foster resilience, which will significantly impact their outcome. Next, you will see that your client/patient much more than a human body presenting with a condition, or diagnosis. An individual’s reason for seeing you (the practitioner), is complex and layered, and must be treated as such. Rather than applying a generic solution to treat their diagnosis, we provide guidance on how to treat the individual as a whole, within your scope of practice of course.

WPM will teach you how to harness your intentions and apply this whole person approach to be able to better assist your patient/client, by inspiring hope and fostering resilience.

My Own WPM Journey

On a more personal note, as I was studying to become a practitioner, I was also embarking on my own health journey. Until recently, I preferred to keep my experiences private - that was then, and this is now. A number of years ago, a 'switch was flipped' and I began to understand that keeping my story behind closed doors was not only holding me back, but also my hindering clients possibilities of progress. What many of you may not know is that I have quite a history of injuries and traumas, stemming from early childhood. There have been many bumps in the road - but what is important is learning how to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin with the next best step. This is a big part of WPM training and experience in therapeutic care.

I can honestly say that I have experienced being the client/patient and can empathize with how overwhelming it can be to try and navigate a complex health system to find solutions that not only work, but are also enjoyable, enlightening and highly effective.

I was inspired to develop the Whole Person Method approach when I ultimately arrived at a crossroads in my own health journey. At this time, I was faced with the decision to either start my path into the medical healthcare field, or to explore the unknown in the alternative healthcare field. In the end, I chose the unknown (to me) alternative healthcare journey. 

With this experience in mind, I began to develop WPM. As I was in creation of this new approach, I applied it to my clients' treatments where to my pleasant surprise I received extremely positive feedback and treatment outcomes. After years of practicing and developing Whole Person Method, I eventually shared this person-first approach with other practitioners so that they could better help others find their path to better health. I recall the first practitioner I shared WPM with (who by the way had been in professional practice for over a decade at the time) - I had no idea if it was even shareable, and to my surprise their feedback as they were going through the program was "wow!"

To put it gently, I was absolutely thrilled!

It became clear to me what I needed to do - share this approach with the world.

Besides Whole Person Method, I co-own and operate Infinity Chiropractic & Wellness with my partner. We are both incredibly passionate about what we do and are always looking for ways to continue to grow and develop our minds, bodies and spirits, while enjoying the experience of life. 

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you, and I invite those who are interested in learning more to sign up for WPM. 

Yours in health,

Meagan Roback, BA(Hons), RMT
Whole Person Method Founder


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