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Whole Person Method (WPM) is a holistic approach to care that blends assessment, manual therapy, and energy. It helps you create a more enjoyable experience for both you and your clients/patients. WPM is also focused on empathizing with the client and involving them in the process, which in turn enables them to take more ownership of their care, healing and journey to wellness.


Interested in learning more about this effective therapeutic approach?

Whole Person Method Education Program

We are thrilled to teach others about how to take a holistic approach to care. Our method is designed to work with all layers of the self to create balance by blending assessment, manual/movement therapy, and energy.


We look forward to sharing the WPM knowledge with you and having you join us on this wonderful experience!

Yoga at Home

Why Learn With Us


Here at WPM, we are so incredibly passionate about what we do and love helping all of our WPM learners discover what it means to take a holistic approach in their professional practice.


Our goal is to connect with a diverse range of practitioners and to work together to strengthen the link between professional and holistic healthcare. Whether you’re first beginning your professional practice, looking to up your game, or you’ve realized you want to connect with and listen to your client’s/patient’s individual needs at a deeper level - this is the perfect time to get started with WPM.


The Whole Person Method is currently available for Manual Practitioners and Yoga and other Movement Therapy Practitioners. Each course offers the same core foundation, but is tailored to each main field of practice and communicates key insights specific to each practitioner-type. For this reason, be sure to select the correct course for your profession.

Bridge The Gap With
Whole Person Method

While many people - practitioners and clients alike - may hold the preconceived notion that the most effective way to conduct manual or movement treatment session is to experience intense pressure and even pain during it. This often results in excessive discomfort for the patient/client and excessive physical work for the practitioner.

With the WPM approach to care, we challenge this assumption by making it clear to our WPM students that treatment does not need to be so uncomfortable, it can in fact actually be quite comfortable for the client and much less strenuous for the practitioner (physically, mentally and emotionally).

Of course, there are a wide range of treatment applications, techniques and approaches to apply to any given treatment or session. Although there certainly is a time and place for deep work, it is important to have clarity on when and how to apply this technique.

Back Massage

With WPM, you will learn how to work with your intention, your intuition, and how to connect with the client you are working with on a much greater level. It is about learning that it is not only the treatment process that matters, it is listening and understanding what your client needs.

One of the greatest benefits of this program is being able to accurately describe to your clients reasons why they are experiencing certain outcomes after a given session with you.


The Whole Person Method helped me to have more confidence in what I was feeling & taught me to think outside the box and use all of my abilities to help my clients feel better.                                            

- Ottawa Registered Massage Therapist


Our WPM trailblazers have reported increased satisfaction (for both them and their clients/patients), as a refined, elevated approach that works. 

We keep hearing several key benefits from our WPM students:

  1. Practitioners report back that they are filling up their appointment times (and often, their waitlists) with new clients due to positive word-of-mouth.

  2. There is real therapeutic change being noticed by both the practitioner and the client(s)/patient(s) in a significantly shorter time frame. The results are there!

  3. You will be able to help your clients and patients identify and let go of blockages/restrictions occurring in the body. WPM is all about digging deeper and truly peeling away the layers. As a practitioner, you are empowered to guide your clients/patients to move beyond these blockages/restrictions and regain greater overall balance.

  4. Care becomes more affordable for the client, as the focus on self-care and efficacy allows the client to require fewer appointments

Massage Therapy

WPM for Manual

Ideal for chiropractors, massage therapists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, reflexologists, and more

Learn how to apply the WPM approach to manual therapy/care

Gain an understanding of the power of the “therapeutic intention” and how to incorporate it into your professional practice

Gain a greater understanding of how to apply customized levels of pressure/force during a given treatment tailored to the client/patient needs - reduce bruising/post treatment discomforts

Learn how to use less physical, mental and emotional energy to achieve greater results

Get to know how to provide patient/client effective and practical self-care guidance

WPM for Movement Therapy Practitioners

Ideal for yoga instructors, kinesiologists, movement therapists, and more

Learn how to apply the WPM approach to movement therapy/care

Get guidance for transitioning your approach and therapeutic application in your practice

Learn about “the shifting of the sensations” and how to understand them

Learn how to build a greater relationship with your essence

Understand how to self practice and implement the WPM approach in your day-to-day personal movement therapy practice

Learn how to guide your clients’ movements and encourage effective client progression in care

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