I believe this is where I tell you a little about myself... and the best way to begin is by letting you know that I am here for you. Life presents us with constant challenges, some we are prepared for, others we are not - the best we can do is take what we have and make it better.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to keep active in a variety of sports and daily activities, some of which I have practiced for years, others I may dabble in from time to time. Of all the pleasures life has to offer, I currently enjoy my routine of yoga, meditation, swimming, hiking, reading, cooking, and attempting to learn all I can with every day that passes.


My greatest interest in massage and bodywork has been to work with fascia and of course everything it supports, separates, connects to and nourishes. I believe the human body is not made up of independent parts, but rather a series of parts and systems that work as one to create functional movement and perpetuate life's experiences.


With regards to your care, what works for you is the path I ensue. Everything in the human body is connected, and my goal is to not only aid in relieving your current symptoms but to also find and treat the linking pieces of your physical ailments.

I work with posture as the focal point of my practice, where without proper alignment the body is not in balance. With my understanding of the human body and my professional experience as a Registered Massage Therapist, I have seen how these physical imbalances commonly lead to chronic pain and a vicious cycle of re-occurring injuries. To work with these imbalances, a variety of techniques are often applied during a massage therapy treatment.

If you are interested in balancing yourself from head-to-toe, make an appointment for your consultation and initial treatment. This is the first step and your opportunity in making the time to care for the body that works so hard for you everyday.

Take the time...


Myofascial Release
Deep Tissue
Sports Massage
Pre/Post Natal
Remedial Exercise
Client Education
Postural Analysis and Correction
Preventative Care



Graduated University of Guelph BA (Honours) in Language and Literature 2005

Graduated Kiné-Concept Institute Registered Massage Therapy Diploma 2008